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lawn lights for christmas
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When purchasing LED street lights, you must understand the marked LED street lights decline and life, in general better quality of light led outdoor lights>led floodlights fade is small, life is long, the price will be high.2, pay attention to the LED street lights chips. LED chip is the core part of the LED lights, LED chips quality affect the life of LED lights, brightness, light color and so on. When purchasing LED lights, you need to understand clearly what kind of LED G4 led bulb chip is used on the LED lights 3, pay attention to the LED lights warranty time. Good quality LED lights manufacturers dare to be responsible for the long warranty period, the general LED lights quality warranty are more than 5 years. Brightness is an important factor for we ampoule led E14 choose LED Street lights, LED light we use general reach 85LM / W or so. Generally the higher the brightness per watt, the higher the lumens, LED street light price is higher.5, pay attention to LED street light color. Longer LED street light wavelength, its color is more stable, so that the LED lights quality is better. LED light heat dissipation analysis LED technology in luces navidad exterior recent years as a new generation of lighting technology has been widespread concern, LED power increase, the heat dissipation problem is more and more being seriously. This is because the LED light failure is directly related to its junction temperature, if heat dissipation is not good, the junction temperature is high, life is short. Different with incandescent and fluorescent lamps used in the past, their energy loss is great, but most led lights for home of the energy is out through direct infrared radiation, light source emit less heat; and LED, in addition to visible light energy as consumed, all other energy conversion into heat. Also, because in recent years, electronic products gradually develop to high-density, high integration direction, LED products are no exception, so to solve the LED heat MyLED coupon code dissipation problems has become the main problem to improve LED performance, the development of LED industry. LED emits heat reason: LED emits heat is because not all the added energy converts into light, but part converted into heat. LED light efficiency is currently only 100lm / W, its electro-optical conversion efficiency of only about 20 to 30 percent. That is about 70% of the energy is turned into heat. myledgrowupanty 20150604 ... y/showthread.php?tid=1127

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Re: lawn lights for christmas
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